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Prehospital Resuscitation Intra-Nasal Cooling Effectiveness Survival Study Identifier: NCT01400373

Promising result of intra-arrest cooling on neurological intact survival in cardiac arrest patients has recently been published in the PRINCE-study in Circulation 2010.

The main purpose of this European multicentre randomised controlled trial is to determine whether prehospital intra-nasal cooling initiated during resuscitation (i.e. intra-arrest cooling), in addition to systemic cooling at hospital, increases neurological intact survival measured as cerebral performance category score (CPC-score) 1-2 at 90 days in witnessed cardiac arrests outside hospital.

At this website each participating study site can report their enrolments in the PRINCESS-study. The data will be securely transferred to the study database at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

There are two types of reporting:

  1. After each enrolment you complete baseline data as soon as possible, at the latest one week after the inclusion.
  2. Final report of study CRFs. Here you report when the patient has reached the primary endpoint data.

Safety issues should be reported immediately to the following persons:

Leif Svensson, Professor in Cardiology, Principal Investigator.
+46 8 616 19 18

Per Nordberg, MD, PhD, Study coordinator
+46 70 280 25 79

Mark Glencorse, BeneChill
+44 7557 444 308

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